Exercises You Need To Avoid During Pregnancy

This is important. Like you need to keep in mind what exercises you can include in your daily exercising regimen similarly, you should also know which exercises to strictly avoid. Also, don’t forget to read a very useful post on “Things to remember while exercising during pregnancy” so that you can avoid any major mishap from happening. Here are some of the activities that you should totally avoid during pregnancy due to increased risk to the mother and/or the baby:

  •     Competitive sports where you have to put in efforts to win because that would lead to more exertion causing severe trauma to the mother or the baby.
  •     Snow skiing because it is quite dangerous both because of the temperature and also there is a high chance of falling. All activities which include a chance of fall are to be strictly avoided.
  •     Hang gliding because it can cause massive damage to the mother or baby as it is a dangerous activity.
  •     Springboard driving because it can put pressure on the foetus and can disrupt the blood flow.
  •     Horseback riding because it involves fast irregular movements which can dislocate the position of foetus causing massive damage or death in severe cases of the baby.
  •     Volleyball, softball and basketball these should be avoided because they can cause immense trauma as there is chance of direct hit to the abdomen.
  •     Scuba diving once again it is a dangerous activity which can cause so many problems and in some cases cause miscarriage or deformities.
  •     Water skiing another dangerous water sport which can cause miscarriage or other forms of deformities.
  •     Sky diving strictly not advised as it can cause severe abdominal trauma and anything that has a slight chance of causing abdominal trauma has to be avoided by all means.

So, these are some of the things you need to keep in mind in order to keep yourself safe and sound from some massive mishap that might happen if you don’t take precautions. Even women who are used to a stern exercise routine and have been getting into all kinds of sports should be very careful especially after the 3rd month. Hope you all pregnant ladies deliver healthy babies and out post might help you a tad bit.

Wish you good luck and a fun-filled life with a new addition in your family!



By : Natural Health News

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