Exercise During Pregnancy! Worth It? Let’s Figure Out!

There is a common belief that during pregnancy a woman should be on bed rest or if not complete bed rest then at least any form of exertion should be avoided during pregnancy period. This is not true at all and is a very common myth which has no significance in reality. Barring certain conditions, most women should do exercise during the gestation period. A number of pregnancy-related problems can be prevented by suitable exercise.

Because of the psychological changes associated with pregnancy, as well as the haemodynamic response related to the flow of blood within the organs and tissues of the body to exercise, some precautions should be observed. The physician should screen for contraindications to exercise and encourage patients to avoid overly vigorous activity, especially in the third trimester, when most pregnant women have a decreased tolerance for weight-bearing activities.

Pregnant woman should avoid exercise that involves the risk of abdominal trauma, falls or excessive joint stress. In the absence of any obstetric or medical complications, most women can maintain a regular exercise regimen during pregnancy. The benefits of regular exercise for pregnant women are generally acknowledged and it is suggested that they get themselves enrolled in professional exercise regimen where experts are there to supervise all exercises you need to do so that you don’t end up making any sort of mess for yourself or the baby.

It is advised to please do your research before finding a good exercise place where they have certified professionals working and they have a good rating too. This is a risky business and should be dealt with care. Do not attempt any exercise at home simply by watching YouTube. The exercises we suggest should also be performed under a careful supervision of experts.

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