Chemo Brain Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Chemo Brain?

Also known as post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment, chemo brain is an informal term used to describe the cognitive impairment which results from chemotherapy treatment.

In most cases, brain effects happen quickly and are short term in nature. However, there are people who suffer from long-term mental changes.

Generally, the changes occur gradually and subtly. This is a reason some fail to notice the presence of symptoms. Therefore, many people do not tell their cancer care team about this problem until it becomes prominent enough to affect their everyday life.

Causes Of Chemo Brain:

Chemo brain, as the name suggests, is a side effect of cancer treatment or chemotherapy.

Other than cancer, the following factors aggravate chemo brain:

  1.     Steroids
  2.      anti-nausea
  3.     drugs used during surgery (anesthesia)
  4.      pain medicines

Possible Risk Factors Of Chemo Brain:

Symptoms Of Chemo Brain:

The following symptoms are exhibited by those who develop chemo brain:

Diagnosis Of Chemo Brain:

Since chemo brain does not have any definite cause, no tests exist to which confirms its diagnosis.
The doctor is likely to recommend blood tests, brain scans or other tests to rule out other causes of memory problems.
But if no apparent cause can be found for the symptoms, the doctor may refer the patient to a specialist who can help in coping with memory changes.

Treatment Of Chemo Brain:

The following treatment options are available:

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