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Blush Brush – Real Techniques By Sam & Nic Chapman

Brand: Real Techniques

For: Contouring or blush application

Ideal for:

  1.     Applying powder blushes
  2.     Perfect contouring
  3.     Applying bronzers

Deserved Rating:

1.    Packaging:
4.5 /5 – Great! Can be kept on the table straight up with bristles facing upwards. Comes in a nice transparent box which protectsit from dust and bacteria but can the packaging can get weighty for travelling. I love the pink and black color combo more than the standard Real Techniques Yellow and black ones.
2.    Bristles:
5/5 –Synthetic bristles that are hand cut to perfection. The brush is shaped in a way that it perfectly fits the hollows of your cheeks to get those flawlessly scooped cheekbones.
3.    Ease of use:
5/5 – It is easier to use and is ideal for contouring and blush powders. Not too amazing to work with cream products though.
4.    Blending power:
5/5 – Perfectly blends powder products into the skin. I find myself reaching out for it more for basic day to day contouring and bronzing.

Overall Rating:

4.9/5 – A perfect brush for applying bronzers and day to day basic contouring to make your cheeks look seamlessly lifted.

Do I recommend it?

Yes by all means for applying bronzers and basic contouring. However, I do not really recommend it for blush specifically. I strictly avoid it for blushes which have rich pigmentation because it picks up product a little too much from the pan.

Why is it a hit?

  •     Synthetic, soft and hand cut bristles
  •     Picks up powders from the hardest compacts that have gone firm over time
  •     Perfect for contouring
  •     Great for applying bronzers

Why is it a miss?

  •     Not too great for blushes


  •     If you don’t want your cheeks to look like massively dipped in a tub of color

Brace it with:

  •     Powder contours
  •     Powder bronzers

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Real Techniques







Real Techniques







Real Techniques







Real Techniques







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