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Bid Farewell To Dryness In Winters 2015 – 2016 By Following These Rules

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, its winter again and the kind of weather that brings with it a lot of dryness and not to forget, some laziness too. For some winters are fun and who are they? Those with oil skin! For people with oily skin can sit back, relax and watch those with dry skin suffer like they do when its summer time. Here are some rules that should be followed to stay away from dryness as much as you possibly can. Those with oily skin types, you come back and watch out this space in summers for some fun tips for you too. In the meanwhile, go enjoy your coffee or if you still want to read it, we honestly don’t mind!


So here are some of the things that people who need extra moisture should bear in mind when its winters around the corner.

  •     Don’t take long hot steamy showers
  •     Use warm water to wash your face
  •     Avoid washing your face more than twice a day
  •     Don’t sit too close to the heating instruments
  •     Shorten your bath time
  •     Don’t dry your body completely
  •     Apply moisturizer on damp skin
  •     Stay away from soap as much as you possibly can
  •     Use soap free shower gels
  •     Stay away from anything that contains alcohol
  •     Don’t over exfoliate your skin
  •     Shave after warm shower when the hair is soft and fragile
  •     Avoid shaving regularly especially when the skin is dry
  •     Use moisturizers that contain Shea butter, Ceramides, Stearic acid, or Glycerin
  •     Don’t forget to apply petroleum jelly to your feet before you put them in socks
  •     Remember to moisturize your hands every time you wash them
  •     Last, but not least install a humidifier in your room

By : Natural Health News

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