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8 Summer Skin and Beauty Problems Solved

Days of fun with Hot News and hot sun, warmth, mugginess and chlorine can destroy our skin and hair, abandoning us with sunburns, dry lips, oily skin or even the feared green, crunchy hair. However, there’s no compelling reason to stay inside when faced with summer skin problems. Here are some solutions for treat summer skin and beauty problems, and keep you looking gorgeous throughout the all season.

You Got Sunburn

Ever fallen asleep and woken up lobster red? To mitigate red, hot skin, choose the genuine aloe vera itself versus your generic shelf brand of aloe. The family unit plant has been utilized since vestige to treat skin issues. Remove a few leaves and cut them into equal parts, then rub the fluid side straightforwardly onto the burn in a gentle motion. For when you start to peel, shed once per week with a delicate scour and moisturize after ever shower.

Your Skin’s Breaking Out

Face acne out is never charming, however regularly exacerbated by sweat amid the hotter months. Quiet existing breakouts with cleanser free chemical that gives a gentle, deep cleansing of the pores while directing oil generation and averting new pimples like Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Bar.

Dry lips

Coconut oil works as an incredibly supporting 100% natural lips balm and Pacific Islanders have been utilizing it for quite a long time. Feeling imaginative? Blend 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and olive oil with ¾ teaspoon of nectar for a sweeter, DIY lip treatment.

Body Odor

You understand that smell is not coming from any other person, it’s you! You are sick of trying to slyly smell your armpits in broad daylight. Sweat is really odorless that odor comes from microorganisms that live on your skin. Swipe your pits with hostile to bacterial wipes, apply an antiperspirant and recall to down a lot of water too it will dilute the fragrance.

Makeup Melting

Your mascara is giving you raccoon eyes and that entire precisely connected foundation begins sliding off because it’s 45 degrees! Fix It. Invest in waterproof makeup to keep everything set up amid sweat-soaked circumstances simply recollect taking it off around evening time. A preliminary to secure your base and a hydrating setting splash to guarantee you don’t need to stress over it streaking is all you require.

Use Oil Free Cream

If your T-zone has a tendency to get little slick by mid afternoon, consider changing to a gel moisturizing, similar to Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream for the summer months. With respect to sunscreen, search for a lighter non-slick equation to beat warm-weather breakouts.

Frizzy hair

You can also protect blonde locks from chlorine damage by wetting the hair and equally circulating coconut oil from roots to tips of hair, which seals in dampness and makes a hindrance against unsafe pool chemicals.


Wear a sunscreen with broad range UVA/UVB sun protection each and every day of the year, including raining days and on cloudy winter days. UVA beams are “slowagers” which stay steady consistently.

By : Natural Health News

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