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4 Complications You Should Look Out for After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes to oral and maxillofacial procedures, wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common procedures one can go through. Every year around one million people in America get their wisdom teeth removed. So, if you are going for the removal, don’t be afraid.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery

Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is one of the best clinics for oral and maxillofacial surgery in North Carolina. When you are coming here, you can rest assured as this is a reputed place. For wisdom teeth removal, when you come here, you will get an in-depth consultation. The doctor will explain the procedure in detail. You will get to know in detail what you can expect from the procedure of lower or upper wisdom teeth removal.

After the procedure is over and you can to go home with the prescribed medicines, you need to take care of yourself so that you don’t develop any post procedure complications. You might not be aware of it, but removing wisdom teeth is not the ultimate solution for you. The following complications might happen and that is why you need to follow the instructions provided by Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. What complications are we talking about? Take a look.

Dry Socket

After the wisdom tooth is removed, a blood clot needs to be formed in the place of the empty socket. The doctor will remove the tooth and will ask you to bite on a gauze pad. This will stop the bleeding and will help you to form a blood clot. The function of the blood clot is to cover the empty socket and prevent the exposure of the jaw bone so that you don’t form a dry socket. Around 41 people out of 1200 patients experience dry socket. If the patient has the habit of smoking, then the risk of developing a dry socket will be more. The sign of the dry socket will involve sharp pain at the site of the extraction. If you experience this, make sure that you get in touch with Dr. Rolle right away. This can be treated if reported at the right time.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pain and Swelling

After the wisdom teeth removal, you are supposed to feel pain and swelling for at least a couple of days. That is why you will be instructed to take pain medicine for a few days. At the same time, after the extraction, you might develop an infection at the extraction site. That can cause you severe pain and swelling. If you have pain and swelling even after three to four days, you need to get in touch with the doctor as soon as possible.

Limited Mouth Opening

Rarely do patients experience this problem after the tooth extraction. The muscles around the mouth might not function properly even after the effects of anesthesia wear off. If you see this happening, don’t delay. Call Dr. Rolle immediately so that he can prescribe the right medicines for you that will reduce the pain and help you relax the muscles.

Non Stop Bleeding

Right after the tooth extraction, you can experience some bleeding. This is normal. Then the blood clot should be formed and that will stop your bleeding effectively. However, if you notice that the bleeding is not stopping, then this is definitely not normal. This can happen due to many reasons. It can happen due to smoking or any kind of suction motion or rigorous activities and exercises. The increased blood pressure will cause this bleeding. That is why you need to consult the doctor immediately.

So, as you can see, avoiding these complications is necessary to heal. If you are facing any aforementioned issues, search for oral and facial surgery near me and come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. This is the place where you can experience excellence.

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