Yoga To Rescue Us From The Drive Of Outer Achievements And To Satisfy Usinternally

A large portion of us are habitual to looking outside of ourselves for satisfaction. We are existing in a world,not by choice, but by force that conditions us to accept that the external achievements can provide us what we need in life to be happy.

Is that truly the case?

No, it really is not…

Once more and again our happenstances reveal to us that nothing outside can totally satisfy the profound yearning that we have inside for “something further.” We want more and more out of life. Most of the timeswhat really happens is that we somehowend up into striving to achieve something which dependably appears to lie simply past our scope. We are found up in doing something totally opposite to what we actually want to do in life. We go in a totally different direction because our mind keeps boggling;the offender of which is the overabundance of totally random and unwanted thoughts hitting our minds, taking us to a direction totally unidentified and undesirable. As opposed to taking an action in real life we somehow get lost into these detrimental thoughts that keep haunting us if not shuddered off timely. We get confused somewhere between the inner satisfaction and the attraction of the outer world which does not come with a long-termsubsidy in reality. It just keeps attracting a person and keeps taking them away from the internal satisfaction. Even after you have achieved all in life there is always a hollow inside you, a certain something still looking at you with wide open eyes that has not yet been achieved and that certain something is the whole point of discussion here i.e. SATISFACTION; the dominant contentment of an individual.

With all that is going on in life it is quite hard for us to picture a situation of complete tranquility and rest in which contemplations and sentiments stop to move in anuninterruptedcycle. Yet it is only through such a condition of calmness, it is possible to achieve the inner peace to the point that we can touch a level of satisfaction and comprehension difficult to achieve with the outer accomplishments.

Now the question is that How do we achieve this state in life with so many thoughts haunting us and so many things going on around us?

In order to knockout the inside battles and to achieve peace you need to first satisfy your internal self. Satisfaction comes only through inner peace and inner peace comes only by stopping the unnecessary thought processes going on in our minds 99% of the times. We are hardly any time without a thought in our head. That is the time when Yoga can come to rescue us from these uninvited considerations. Yoga teaches us to have full control over our thoughts so that we can reduce the noise around us; the noise of the environment and of the unwanted things in life.

Read this article to find out what YOGA is and how it can help an individual to achieve inner peace and satisfaction…


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