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Yips Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Are Yips ?

These are the wrist spasm that tends to arise involuntarily, usually when the golfers try to putt. Besides, not merely the golfers are at the risk of yips, individuals involved in some other sports activities can also be affected, for example, people who play

  • Baseball.
  • Darts.
  • Cricket.

In the past days, yips used to be linked with performance anxiety, though, as of today, it appears that few individuals experience yips that are triggered by a focal dystonia. More specifically, dystonia is a neurological dysfunction known to affect some muscles of the body.

In addition to the characteristics of yips, few individuals managed to relieve from it merely by making amendments in the way they carry out the affected task. Such as, a left handed golfer would try putting right-handed.

What Are The Symptoms Of Yips ?

The very common indication linked with yips tends to be the muscle jerk that occurs involuntarily, even though few individuals also complaints:

  • Freezing.
  • Tremors.
  • Spasm or
  • Twitches.

What Causes Yips ?

In few individuals, yips are the form of focal dystonia. More specifically, focal dystonia is a condition which roots involuntary contractions of muscles, while performing a particular task. Possibly, it is associated with the overuse of some set of muscles, like the writer’s cramp. The effect is worsened by anxiety.

Few athletes get extremely self-focused and concerned, they over think to the level of distraction, which consequents in impairing their ability to perform a skill, such as putting. In addition to this, choking tends to be the intense kind of performance anxiety, which can indeed; compromise the game of a golfer.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Yips ?

A number of factors that may increase the chances of yips are as follow:

  • Lower handicap.
  • Great experience in playing golf.
  • Older adults.

How Are Yips Diagnosed ?

The health care provider will need details as to when and how the signs appear. Moreover, the doctor will also want to notice the putting stroke. As the yips commonly occur under the tournament conditions, therefore, it can be difficult to exhibit the signs on command. For this reason, the doctor will judge on the basis of some answers, he or she will ask related to the concern.

How Are Yips Treated ?

Since most of its cases are associated with the overuse of some muscles, a change in the equipment or technique can help. Such as:

  • Changing the grip: the specific technique has effectively worked for many golfers. Though, changing the muscles is not a useful option, in case of having the form of yips associated with performance anxiety.
  • Using a longer putter: this makes the golfer uses less of his wrists and hands and more of his shoulders and arms while putting.
  • Mental skills training: a number of techniques for example visualization and relaxation can help with anxiety, relieving fear of yips and improving concentration

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