What Is The Right Weight For Strength Exercises?

In order to increase your strength, some of the exercises need to be done with weights. Any exercise that involves the use of weights should be done with caution and, more importantly, with the right technique. Both faulty technique and the use of wrong weights can cause injuries.
The right weight is one that makes the last couple of reps a challenge. If you are doing eight reps, for example, you should be able to do the last two, but it should take quite a bit of effort. If you are feeling sore at the beginning of the set, discard the weight for a lesser one.
If you can complete the set without any sense of effort, increase the weight by 500 grams and restart.

A lot of people are confused about what is the right way to hold weight!

It is super important to grip the weights correctly. This ensures the technique is correct, prevents injuries, and makes exercising easier.

To hold dumbbells or barbells, use an overhand grip. Your thumb should come under the weight with your knuckles up. Keep your wrist straight and locked. Do not bend your wrist unless stated.

Right Weight For Strength Exercises

What is the correct posture for doing weights?

For now we will introduce you to primary position for doing strength training exercises.

  •     The correct posture to do weight training to build up strength is to stand with your feet hip width apart, with toes pointing forward
  •     Keep your spine straight, shoulders back and stomach in
  •     Look straight ahead, not down

Right Weight For Strength Exercises

That’s it! This is your basic position which you should always have in mind. For more in-depth weight training postures read this post here.


By : Natural Health News

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