What Is The Correct Posture For Strength Training Exercises And Some Tips For Weight Training!

Every exercise should be done properly keeping in mind the correct postures and angles so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. A lot of people don’t take care of the postures while working out as they don’t know that postures make a lot of difference. If you are putting in a lot of effort on an exercise and your posture isn’t correct that effort you invested isn’t worth it.

Here are small tips that you should keep in mind about your posture about strength training exercises. There are different postures for different exercises but these are primarily for strength training. These are currently for your primary position that needs to be maintained before starting any other:

  •     Stand with your feet hip width apart
  •     Keep your toes pointing forward
  •     Keep your spine straight
  •     Stretch your shoulders backwards
  •     Tuck in your stomach
  •     Look straight ahead
  •     Don’t look down during any posture
  •     You can wear belts or wraps when doing weight-bearing exercises

What is the importance of Belts &Wraps during weight training?

The importance of belts and wraps during weight-training exercises is that they contract muscles around the spine, abdomen and rib cage, thereby increasing pressure within the abdomen and stabilizing the spine. So technically belts and wraps stabilize the spine and are most specifically essential if you are doing weight lifting squats using heavy weights.

A word of caution for weight training!

Check the instruction carefully before starting the exercise. It is a good idea to have a dummy drill before you actually pick up weights.
That’s it for now! Hope you enjoy reading this and it helps you a bit during your weight loss and strength building journey. These popular tips and tricks of Dr. NareshTrehan, Chief Cardio-thoracis Surgeon, have been so beneficial for our weight loss and strength training struggle so we thought of sharing these with you all too.

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