Try Out These Strength Training Exercise To See Marked Improvement In Your Overall Strength!

Here we have listed some of the postures that coverdeltoids, lower back, pectorals, triceps, hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteals.

Posture Type:Lateral Raise

Muscles worked:Abdominals

Recommended Level for Beginners: Week 5 to Week 10

How to do it?

  •     Begin from the primary position
  •     Lift a pair of dumbbells to the front of the thigh, palms facing inwards
  •     Bend your elbows about 30-40 degree
  •     Breathe out as you extend your arms outward in a semicircle
  •     Hold briefly
  •     Breathe in as you lower the weights to the front of the thighs
  •     Repeat to complete a whole set

Posture Type:Lower Back Raise

Muscles worked:Lower back

Recommended Level for Beginners: Week 5 to Week 10

How to do it?

  •     Lie face down with feet together and toes pointing to the floor
  •     Place your hands on your buttocks
  •     Breathe out as you raise your upper body off the floor
  •     Hold briefly
  •     Lower your upper body as you breathe in
  •     Repeat to complete a set

Posture Type:Flat Bench Press*

Muscles worked: Pectorals, triceps and deltoids

Recommended Level for Beginners: Week 5 to Week 10

How to do it?

  •     Lie down on the bench with your feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart
  •     Grip the barbell with both hands
  •     Keep the hands more than shoulder-width apart
  •     Lower the barbell to the midline of your chest as you breathe in
  •     Breathe out as you lift the barbell to arm’s length
  •     Don’t lock your elbows
  •     Repeat to complete the set

*A word of caution for Bench Press

This exercise is best done if you have a special bench which has a rack to hold heavy weights. It is also advisable to do this exercise with a partner. A straight barbell is better than a pair of dumbbells.

You can easily do bench presses at home if you have a barbell and a partner. Sit down on the edge of a low bench with a hard surface. Place the barbell on your thighs, and then lie down so that you are in the position described at the beginning of the exercise. Now gently ease the barbell towards your chest, have a partner assisting and observing at all times.

It is better to work with a slightly lighter weight if you are doing bench presses at home, for even if you have a partner, you may not have an overhead rack to hold the barbell.

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