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Top 10 Natural Home Remedies to relieve migraines

The symptoms of a migraine, a neurological condition that is more than just a headache, also include nausea, vertigo, exhaustion, and heightened sensitivity to sound, light, and scents. Visit your primary care physician or a specialist right away if you believe you could be experiencing migraines so they can properly diagnose you and rule out any other potential reasons.

According to board-certified neurologist Thomas Pitts of Hudson Medical + Wellness in New York City, “the first step is to make sure that your headache has been correctly analysed and your unique headache syndrome is recognised.”

You can take action to get relief if you’ve established that your pain is a migraine-related condition. Here are some natural treatments for some of the migraine symptoms.

Top 10 Natural Home Remedies to relieve migraines

1. Add magnesium

According to the American Migraine Foundation, supplementing your diet with 400–500 milligrammes of magnesium each day will help you avoid getting migraines. Aura, a sort of sensory disturbance, as well as light and noise sensitivity, may be prevented by the supplement.

If you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant, keep the dose at 400 mg. The most frequent negative effects of taking magnesium are diarrhoea and cramps in the abdomen.

2. Take vitamin B2

In comparison to sodium valproate, a small 2015 trial indicated that 400 milligrammes of vitamin B2 daily reduced migraine frequency and severity with little adverse effects.

Because the current studies are small and limited, more study is required to completely understand how vitamin B2 prevents migraines and whether it is effective for most people.

3. Have caffeine

Caffeine may be able to treat migraines, according to certain studies. Although the Cleveland Clinic advises limiting your daily caffeine intake to 150 to 200 mg, a 2019 analysis revealed that persistent caffeine consumption seems to increase the risk of migraines.

In the end, additional research is required to understand whether caffeine can alleviate migraines, therefore it’s crucial to consult a doctor about whether this treatment is appropriate for you.

4. Use hot or cold remedies

According to the Mayo Clinic, applying heat or cold can reduce the severity of a migraine.

A tiny 2013 study found that a frozen neck wrap considerably decreased discomfort when used at the beginning of a migraine. A heating pad placed on your head or neck may also aid in muscular relaxation, which will ease tension and the migraine itself.

5. Practice yoga

A 2015 study found that adding yoga to a variety of other natural treatments may help to lessen migraine frequency, duration, and severity.

6. Avoid light

The Mayo Clinic advises unwinding in a dimly lit space with no background noise because migraines enhance sensitivity to light and sound. If you can, attempt to sleep.

7. Exercise regularly

According to the Mayo Clinic, frequent exercise can help lower the risk of migraines by lowering anxiety, sadness, and obesity. Consult your doctor to find out the best workouts to do and how frequently.

8. Get more sleep

If you have migraines, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial since sleep deprivation can cause an attack.

Going to bed and waking up at the same times each day, as well as having a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment, all contribute to good sleep quality.

9. Consider peppermint oil

According to a 2010 study, migraines without an aura can be safely and successfully treated with peppermint’s menthol. When a migraine begins, apply to the forehead and temples.

10. Take melatonin

Your circadian rhythm is aided by the hormone melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy at night and alert during the day.

According to a 2010 study, melatonin levels were abnormally low in migraine sufferers. According to the research, taking a melatonin pill could reduce migraines by up to 3 mg per day.

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