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Tips for Breast Cancer Awareness

Leading a healthy and well-balanced life is not easy in today’s world and achieving the same while fighting a dreaded disease like breast cancer is quite a task. Breast cancer not only affects women physically but also affects the emotional well-being of the patient

Thus fighting the disease effectively as well as focusing on the overall health demands a lot of effort and determination.

Read on to find out some simple yet effective steps to lead a healthy and close-to-normal life while fighting breast cancer.

Tip 1: Emotional strength plays a very significant role in breast cancer

Breast cancer is curable and the process becomes much easier when the diagnosis is done at the earlier stages. However, the side effects of the treatment and the social pressure on the patient push them to the verge of depression and anxiety.

To cope with the mental pressure of breast cancer, the patient can opt for practices like yoga, meditation, and counseling. Form support groups with fellow patients and find solace in each other.

Tip 2: Belief in the power of integrative medicine

The oncologist suggests a definitive treatment plan and tracks the progress of the treatment regularly. Slowly but steadily, the breast cancer tumor shrinks and is finally cured. Throughout this process, the symptoms of the disease and side effects of the treatment together pose too much stress on the patient.

Combine conventional breast cancer treatment with other sources of relief like massage therapy, acupuncture, exercises, and nutritional supplements. Any healthy practice or source can be incorporated into the routine of the breast cancer patient to combat the disease.

Tip 3: Stay active and fresh always

Breast cancer treatment takes a toll on the physical strength of the patient. But slowly, the recovery comes around and patients must stay active throughout to maintain overall health and boost the immunity power of the body.

Long walks in an open environment, bike rides, small shopping sessions, meeting friends, and so on can rejuvenate the body and soul of the patient. Patients must also focus on activities that help maintain the ideal weight and BMI.

Tip 4: Follow the treatment plan suggested by a doctor

Recurrence of breast cancer is a common phenomenon and one needs to be very careful about the chances of relapse. For this reason, patients are recommended to follow a complete treatment plan without any excuses.

Research indicates that over 50% of women who have undergone breast cancer treatment and have been cured opt-out of the follow-up cancer treatment program. Patients must have an open conversation with the doctor and understand the need for medications after the end of chemotherapy or surgery.

Tip 5: Reduce your stress level

Taking too much stress can interfere with your immune system. Therefore one needs to find the best ways to release the stress and feel more positive about the situation.

In addition to the above tips, breast cancer patients are recommended to focus on their lifestyle habits as well as dietary changes.

Breast Cancer Treatment in India

India is infused with the best cancer surgery hospitals that are recognized as the center of excellence all over the world. Each year, thousands of international patients visit India for cancer treatment. Cost is also the major player that is attracting patients tremendously.

One can avail of great benefits by having the best cancer treatment in India at affordable prices. The surgeons in India are highly qualified and skilled in their profession. Depending on the type and stage of cancer, the best cancer surgery hospitals recommend treatments that eliminate the growth of the tumor that including a few combinations of surgery such as immunotherapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy.

Breast cancer treatment cost in India is very less than the other western countries like the UK, the USA. One can avail great advantage by having his cancer treatment in India.


One in eight women might have a chance to develop the disease at some point during their lifetime. The awareness of cancer among women is increasing constantly.

Nowadays due to increased awareness amongst women and technological advancements in cancer treatments and detections, opportunities for early detection, and advanced treatment, survival chances continue to rise.

There are also many campaigns led by private NGOs as well as the government to increase breast cancer awareness among women and provide early detection plans to ensure the correct treatment of breast cancer.

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