Side Plank Pose, Variation

Sanskrit Name: Chakravakasana

Good for: Arms, knees, muscles, obesity, back muscles


  •     Pacifies mind
  •     Increases concentration
  •     Good for multiple organs and organic functions
  •     Benefits spine and back muscles
  •     Makes shoulder joint supple
  •     Develops and tones arm muscles
  •     Lubricates knee joints
  •     Curbs obesity

Side Plank Pose Variation








  •     Sit with your legs extended in front of you
  •     Bend your right leg, and wrap it over your right arm (as high as it will go)
  •     Press your hands into the floor
  •     Lift your hips
  •     Relax the breath, eyes, and jaw

Good to know

  •     Practice this pose in natural environment
  •     It’s best if you do this pose first thing early in the morning
  •     Elderly people and children can easily do this pose
  •     It can be practiced by both athletes or unfit people

By : Natural Health News

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