Protein Shake Diet with Skimmed Milk and Its Benefits

Protein shake diet depend on four protein shakes in a day. Healthy protein shakes should be in low sugar and low fat soy milk. It is necessary to walk for at least 30 minutes. You should avoid to take sugar and low carbohydrate shake can be ready at home with low fat milk. For breakfast you should drink liquid protein shakes. Lunch and dinner should be lean meats like fish, chicken breast and non-starchy vegetables like broccoli and green beans. Fruits like strawberries or bananas can also be add. Drink 64 ounces of water in a day. Protein shake diet are best and save for fit dieters and healthy. Protein shake contains 20 grams protein and have a very small amount of carbohydrates or fats and about 200 calories which is mixed with skim milk. If you followed long term liquid diet then it can cause nausea, cramps and dental complications. Mostly dieters want to regain weight which was lost when they reverting in old habits of eating. Regular consummation of protein in a whole day which make your muscle tissue provide with a supply of amino acids. Protein shake diet is good way for getting protein into your daily diet and helpful for living well being. Protein shakes also help you for muscles grow and after exercise.

Benefits of protein shake diet:

Protein shake will help you for repair and muscles.Protein shakes can also improve your recovery rate and also support your muscles.  It is easy to make and convenient way for get taste or quality in your diet. Protein shakes are of two type’s one Dairy protein and second is non dairy protein. Protein is the most people choice and if you are lactose intolerant or vegan then you should not consumed milk.

Can I add milk in protein shakes?

Milk mostly makes the protein tastier but it have more calories. If you want to manage the calories for lose weight than we can recommend you to avoid the milk. It will reduce sugar, calories and fats. Protein is best for tissue repair. Protein is found in many foods and supplemental shakes gives you easy way for protein shakes. Shakes have different flavors and it can be mixed with water or milk. Protein shakes have more calories when you add milk than water and to be best if you are trying for weight gain. Try to avoid milk based shakes if you want to weight lose. Consult your doctor before you start a new diet plan. Milk should be fat free. One cup of milk have 146 calories, and cup of 2% milk have 122 calories and fat free milk contain 83 calories in a one cup. So milk will add calories in your protein shakes and water don’t have additional nutrients.

By : Natural Health News

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