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Oriflame Pure Skin Hide & Treat

Brand Name: ORIFLAME

Shade: Available in only one shade

Finish: Matte and undetectable

Coverage: Natural

Color Group: All

Skin type: Problematic

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Packaging Highlights

  •     Comes in a cute white little tube with a smart nozzle on top that perfectly controls the amount of product to be dispensed
  •     Properties of the concealer printed on the packaging on the front side
  •     Looks more like the medication packaging


  •     During flared up acne days it acts as a rescue agent to hide and treat the bumpy spots
  •     Can easily be applied before foundation so that you can enjoy your makeup along with a treatment happening underneath
  •     Contains salicylic acid
  •     Calms down the acne spots while you are still enjoying your makeup
  •     Covers up mild dark circles because it has peachy undertones
  •     Instantly lifts and brightens the under eye area and the dark spots all over the face
  •     Does not slide underneath a foundation
  •     Can also be applied over foundation cover acne spots
  •     Can also be applied before your normal concealer for better coverage as it alone does not have full coverage

What I don’t like about ORIFLAME PURE SKIN HIDE & TREAT?

  •     The coverage is not buildable
  •     Cannot be used a concealer alone


My favorite treatment concealer on days when my acne is all flared up especially during my PMS. Initially, I never used to believe the cosmetics that claimed skin benefits too because I used to consider it as a marketing gimmick but this one definitely delivers what it claims. When I have cystic acne that peeps through the foundation, what I do is; I use it before applying the foundation, a little bit afterwards and by the time the day ends and it’s time to take the makeup off my spot is already calmed down and half healed. Usually what happens is when you have cystic breakouts and if you want to get rid of them fast, the only option you have is to treat them at night and leave them as is during day time when you have to go out but with this you can treat it during the day as well while still enjoying any makeup look you want.

What is it made of?

Active ingredient: Salicylic acid

Pure Skin Hide & Treat

Pure Skin Hide & Treat

Pure Skin Hide & Treat

Pure Skin Hide & Treat

Pure Skin Hide & Treat

By : Natural Health News

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