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Maine town warned of mosquito-borne illness

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has alerted the municipality of Orono to the presence of a virus that causes Jamestown Canyon Virus among mosquitoes in the area.

The Maine CDC verbally informed the Town of Orono of the possibility for infection, according to the town’s Facebook page.

The Jamestown Canyon Virus can induce moderate flu-like symptoms, such as exhaustion, fever, chills, and ongoing headaches, according to the Maine CDC. In severe cases, the virus can cause neck stiffness, confusion, difficulty speaking, and inflammation of the brain and brainstem. It can also make patients very sick.

The onset of symptoms may occur several days following contact or up to two weeks following a mosquito bite that is infected with the virus.

Residents in Orono are advised to try to reduce their exposure to mosquitoes by applying repellent, limiting the amount of skin exposed by donning long sleeves and slacks, and attempting to stay inside during the hours of dawn and twilight when mosquitoes are most active.


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