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M.A.C Zoom Lash Mascara

Brand Name:M.A.C

Shade: ZOOM BLACK (Rich black)

Ideal for: Adding volume and separating the lashes without causing clumping.

Priced at: $17 at M.A.C official website and stores excluding taxes

Available at: M.A.C official website, M.A.C stores, Macy’s, Nordstrom etc.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Packaging Highlights

  •     Comes in a signature black M.A.C box
  •     Has a three sided fiber brush on the wand

What I like about M.A.C ZOOM LASH MASCARA?

  •     Adds instant volume to add character to the eyes
  •     A perfect volumizing mascara for additional drama
  •     Perfectly curls the lashes
  •     Creamy formula that never clumps
  •     Separates each lash individually making eyes look a Barbie’s
  •     Great for days when you choose a no makeupmakeup look
  •     Totally safe for sensitive eyes
  •     Doesn’t cause any irritation
  •     Doesn’t smudge throughout the day
  •     Great for everyday wear
  •     Ophthalmologist tested

What I don’t like about M.A.C ZOOM LASH MASCARA?

  •     A little pricey

My thoughts on M.A.C ZOOM LASH MASCARA

First time I received a sample size of M.A.C zoom lash mascara and I kept it aside because I already have a ton of mascaras in my vanity. I thought this would be more or less like the ones I already have so why even bother giving it a try. I don’t usually wear mascara in daily basis because I have this fear of losing lash hair if I put on too much mascara. One fine day I decided to give it a try because it was just lying idle since so long and holy moly! When I tried it I loved it! Coming on towards the in depth product analysis now I would say that this mascara is amazing for routine wear. I used it every single day for almost 10 days and not even a single hair fell out of my lash. This definitely won my heart and here I am praising this little baby so much. I highly recommend this M.A.C zoom lash mascara for everyday use. Do try and let me know your review in the comment section below.

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