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James Love Bites – Lala Returned Back With Lax After Finding That It Was Her Best Friend

What’s more, when Lala requested him to advise her who he laid down with, she was stunned to figure out it was none other than her great companion, Lauren.

James has turned out to be a remarkable player on Vander pump Rules. On the Dec. 7 scene, James, who as of late said a final farewell to long-lasting sweetheart Kristen subsequent to going behind her back with Lala, confessed to engaging in sexual relations with another SUR server named Lauren. He even came to work with adoration chomps and scratches everywhere on his body.

Lala and James were never formally dating, however when she saw the scratches, she asked James to advise her who he laid down with. He declined to advise her for some time, and her companion, Lauren, who was the person who really laid down with James, even advised her she doesn’t have to know and shouldn’t stress over it. What an incredible companion she is. So when Lala did figure out from James who he laid down with, she was so amazingly pissed. Also, she struck back by ratting Lauren out to her sweetheart. Yes, Lauren laid down with James despite the fact that she had a sweetheart. Lala then ran home with Jax in light of the fact that, as we can just figure, she no more needed to feel like neither second best to James, nor any other individual so far as that is concerned.

In the interim, Lisa Vander pump tossed not one but rather two gatherings for Gay Pride, which is really where James appeared with his affection nibbles. Furthermore, Kristen showed up and professed to be significant. In any case, before that, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz offered Shay some assistance with jumpstarting his makeover in the wake of admitting to a genuine painkiller habit. We prefer not to say this, yet the veterans are turning out to be really exhausting. Nowadays, it’s about the beginners — James, Lala, and somebody irregular young lady named Lauren. We hope for the best for both of them but it may be as if, we might not see them again together as a romantic couple.

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