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Insomnia – How To Get Rid Of Sleeping Pills


Insomnia is the medical term for sleeplessness. The phenomenon refers to the sleep disorder which cause you stay awake late nights. This is the most famous among the sleep disorders in today’s world. People to have extremely busy routines which is making them restless and its moving them towards disorders such as stress, depression and sleeplessness. This problem is equally popular among males and females today. Not only is a single gender suffering with this disorder.

Insomnia is referred to as poor quality sleeping in which the patient id usually unable to sleep for a long time. As the sleeping time for every individual is different, therefore there are no set boundaries to count the sleep disorder. A recent research shows that the disorder occurs in 30% to 50% of the actual population. Insomnia may also occur periodically which means that the patient may sleep but keep awaken periodically after a certain period of time. People usually rely on sleeping pills for this purpose which may harm them inside as excess of any medicine is hazardous. Once you start using them, it becomes habitual of you to have them to sleep.

The article discusses some of the healthy tips which may help you in getting rid of the habit of taking sleeping pills before going to bed. It is true that habits are not easy to leave but bad habits should be stopped as soon as possible specially the ones which are injurious to your health.

The Pysian’s Opinion:

Consult your doctor before quitting the habit of taking pills as asn immediate stop can be equally dangerous. Some pills have the tendency to cause anxiety, headaches, tremors etc. Therefore, the doctor can help you out in this matter.

Reductions Of Pills:

Reduce the quantity of your pills gradually. This means that if you take two pills daily, cut it down to one. You can even shuffle the order in the beginning and can have 2 on the first day and may be 1 for the next two days. This will ease your problem and will help you in changing the habit. This will help you in weaning yourself to the medicine.

Avoid Them On Weekend:

A healthy tip is that you should avoid pills on weekends when you don’t have to work the next day and may be u can wake up late in the morning. This will help you to a great extent in the reduction. It may happen at first that you might get less sleep but don’t worry, you’ll become habitual of it too.

The Bedroom:

Make sure that your bed room is the most comfortable place for you on earth. This will help you psychologically. If the sleeping place is comfortable enough you would be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep.


Exercise is the basic part of any healthy life style. Perform some exercise daily in order to get a better sleep. Once you get tired, you will sleep automatically.

Follow the instructions and you would be able to get rid of the problem easily.

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