Here’s How You Can Plan Your Workout Depending Upon Your Goals

In this post right here you can find out ideal workouts as per the standard goals set by majority of the individuals worldwide. If you find your goal in this list here then go ahead and follow the suggested workout activities against each goal mentioned below.



Goal Suggested Activities Valuable Comments

Endurance Training

Cycling, rowing, running or stair-climbing done at a moderate to high level (70 – 80 % of maximum heart rate) for 45 – 60 minutes. These exercises allow for high intensity workouts that increase endurance levels.

Weight loss


Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing, dancing and skipping can all be weight-loss activities, if done at a moderate to high intensity level for at least 20 minutes. Any exercise that you do will consume calories. More calories are burnt in aerobic exercise as compared to, say, stretching.

Muscle Definition

Choose a circuit of exercises with minimal rest (30 seconds) between sets, i.e. do weight training with rapid shifts from exercise to exercise. These results in substantial increase in caloric expenditure, ultimately helping you to decrease body fat and heighten definition.

Muscle building

You require workouts with heavy weights here. This will build muscles, but remember to follow a low-volume, high-intensity workout. This is best done under supervision. You may combine this with aerobic activities where you train at roughly 60-80 % of your maximum heart rate: cycling, running, stair-climbing, or rowing for atleast 20 minutes. Another option is to use circuit/weight training on your “light” days to improve cardiac health and increases caloric expenditure. Some body builders feel that aerobic activity “takes away” from muscle building. They focus only on strength training, combined with a high protein diet.


This list has been taken from 20 minutes to total fitness by Dr Shelly Batra.

By : Natural Health News

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