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Health Warning As Jars Of Sainsbury’s Mango Chutney Recalled Over Mustard Allergy Risk

By Food Standards Agency a little number of Sainsbury’s Mango Chutney 370g jugs has been inaccurately bundled and might contain lime pickle.

Lime pickle is a topping that is regular in South Asian and North African food where the natural product is cured in a saline solution of water, lemon squeeze, and salt, and at times flavors are included.

This implies the items, which have a best before end date of October 2017, might contain mustard seeds which are not said on the mark – representing a conceivable well being hazard for anybody with sensitivity to mustard.

The Food Standards Agency said: “On the off chance that you have purchased the above item and have a hypersensitivity to mustard don’t eat it. Rather give back the item to the Sainsbury’s store from where it was purchased for a full discount. Sainsbury’s is reviewing the item from clients and has reached the significant sensitivity bolster associations, which will enlighten their individuals regarding the review.

“Purpose of-offer notification will be shown in stores.”

An announcement from Sainsbury’s said: “As a preliminary measure we are asking clients who have sensitivity to mustard and have acquired this item to come back to their closest Sainsbury’s store where they will get a full discount.

“No other item or date codes are influenced by this issue, and we apologize for the weakness this might bring about”.

By : Natural Health News

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