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Drake & Nicki Minaj: The Sexy Birthday Gift He Gave Her Behind Meek Mill’s Back

A whole instance of his selective lipstick for architect Tom Ford. We will give all of you the points of interest behind the blessing.

Nicki Minaj got a super pined for present from buddy Drake for her 33rd birthday. She got a huge amount of his exquisite burgundy shade of lipstick for planner Tom Ford’s beautifiers line. Each time she puts it on her lips, she can think about the Toronto rapper and not her sweetheart Meek Mill. Oh Drizzy, you’re a smooth administrator! We have all the points of interest behind Drake’s ultra attractive blessing!

Drake is one chilly feline as is Nicki! For her birthday, he sent her an instance of Tom Ford’s Drake lipstick and the cool part about it is Nicki’s been wearing it on her lips and Meek doesn’t even know!” a source tells. Nicki’s an extremely fortunate lady to have a whole instance of the shade, in light of the fact that when it went at a bargain, it sold out in minutes both in stores and online!

They’ve been messaging and there was no chance Drake would not connect or send her something for her birthday. He cherishes everything about Nicki’s body, including her lips, and thought the lipstick was the ideal blessing,” our source includes. “He pulled a couple strings to get it to her on her birthday and when he knew she’d gotten it, he tongue in cheek message her and advised her that each time she puts it on her lips she better be pondering him.” How would she be able to not?

Nicki’s certain to have adored the wonderful and unfathomably individual blessing from Drizzy. Shockingly, she didn’t get what she truly needed on her birthday, which was a proposition to be engaged from Meek. Rather he gave her a titan precious stone that looks precisely like a wedding band, however he neglected to pop the inquiry. While precious stones may be a young lady’s closest companion, what Nicki truly needs is to be a 2016 spouse, so get on that Meek.

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