Crimson Luxe by Saira Shakira 2017 Preview

The preview of Crimson Luxe by Saira Shakira’s 2017 luxury collection held recently in Lahore.

Foha, Sana, Aymen, Mariam, Anum, Shakira, Saira, Amjad, Tanzeela

Ammara Hikmat (1)

Anum Javed Akram

Aymen Hikmat (3)


Maleeha Salman

Mariam Shah, Anum Javed Akram, Saira Faisal, Shakira Usman

Momina Sibtain, Amina Sibtain (2)

Decor by Whimsical Parties with Desserts by Muneeze Khalid (7)

By : Natural Health News

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