Best Diet Plans for Men to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

With the rate of obesity continually going up these days, it is wonderful that there are lots of diet plans out there. You might think that we all have plenty of opportunities to learn about weight loss and eat more healthfully, but somehow it eludes us. If you are carrying a little too much weight, or even if you just want to get stronger and fitter, then finding the right health and diet plan for men is important.

There is a greater need for men to be cautious in what they eat. There are numerous different Diet Plans for men which they can utilize in order to attain a lean, healthy, and gorgeous body. Some of them can be readily adopted. But some may require consultation with a health care professional or dietician. In any case, here are the golden rules which must be borne in mind in choosing diet plans for men.

Calculate your Daily Calorie Intake

This is a easy method as you just input your height, weight, age and your activity levels and it will tell you the right amount of calories you should utilize each day to maintain natural body weight.

Next, you will need to understand where you are going wrong with your diet, by inputting a regular day’s food intake into a food calorie calculator planner.

What is in a Diet?

The first thing you will notice about a Healthy Diet Plan for men is that it is full of protein. Most people only eat approximately 10-20 percent of protein in their diet, and there are various popular diets that go as high as 30 percent. A diet that is particularly designed for a man will often require a higher level of protein. But this doesn’t mean that you can chow down on hamburgers every day! The protein that you eat needs to be low in fat and too much healthier, which will include fish, chicken, and lean pork (no bacon!).

What is not in a Diet?

Much like any other diet, it is often the things that you stop eating that make all the difference. Obviously, no one wants to sit around keeping a food diary and counting calories, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be more aware of what you are eating. By reducing certain basic foods for example processed starches and beverages (yes, beer is a killer!), you will be able to lose that extra weight much faster with a healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan for men.

What Should You Eat?

With any diet, there are some Foods that are going to be simply out of bounds. This are generally high calorie foods that are also high in processed sugar or fats or don’t provide any nutritional value. You will also find that these foods work to help you retain fat and they slow down your metabolism, too! So making sure that you are eating the right foods is important.

Fortunately, there are some foods that are far more beneficial than you might think. These moreover have massive amounts of nutrients compared to the calories that they have, or they actually help raise your metabolism. Either way, these are the types of foods that you can eat in an almost unlimited amount.

Enough Protein should be eaten

Protein helps in the building of the body and the strengthening of the bones and muscles. Without them, there will be no strength in us and our meal will not be balanced. The intake of milk, eggs and further dairy products are also necessary.

Eating Right

Plenty of protein in the diet will help you build muscles faster than anything else. Chicken, fish, turkey, eggs and even some types of vegetables are great sources of protein. Eat six meals spaced evenly throughout the day instead of three. This will speed up your metabolism so that you can burn fat while you build muscle. After all, you need to burn fat at the same time; otherwise, your muscles won’t show through the inevitable layer of fat covering them. Drinking lots of water will help you stay hydrated and heal faster after workouts.

Can You Eat Meat?

Unlike most women’s diets, any superior diet plan for men will allow you to eat plenty of meat. Because a man’s body has so much more muscle even if you are out of shape than a woman’s body, you need protein to feed those muscles. Keeping in mind that the more muscle you have, the better your metabolic rate, you should actually focus on both feeding your muscles protein and working out, also.

Eat enough Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very essential for weight loss and it must be included in your regular meal. This is very essential because it provides the body with the essential Vitamins needed for its well being. Eating without exercising will profit you nothing and you will just be wasting your time. Fruits and vegetables are to be eaten at least 4 times in a day. There are various fruits that do not help in the burning of calories, and such fruits are banana and mango, which contain sugar in them. It is expected that men are to eat fruits that have citric acid in them.

Whole Grain Cereals are good for Diet Plan

Your energy requirement depends on your weight, height and activity level. In general, men are bigger than women and have more muscle mass. So their calorie requirement is much higher which is easily provided by whole grains. Whole grain bread, brown rice, cereal or pasta, oats and barley are high in fiber and an important source of carbohydrates. These Healthy Eating foods give you a feeling of fullness and the nutrition as well as the essential energy to see you through the day.

Fish a part of Diet Plan

Oily fish like trout, salmon, tuna, sardines, herrings and mackerels contain Omega-3 Fats that benefit the heart, the immune system and help decrease aches and pains. Nutrition experts recommend at least two to three servings of fish each week. Try having your fish steamed or barbequed, never fried to get the best of nutrition.

If you need to diet and do not know where to begin, why not try this particular plan for a week and see how it goes. You can find it will help you choose the proper nutrition and diet right for you. You have nothing to lose, except weight. In fact, if your spouse is on the same plan; you can both diet together.

By : Natural Health News

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