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Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder ?

The disease Autism spectrum is a severe neurodevelopmental condition which ruins an ability of child to interact and communicate with different people. It as well contains limited repetitive behaviors, activities and interests. These problems cause major deficiency in occupational, social and different areas of working.

The word “spectrum” in this particular disorder brings up to the extensive variety of severity and symptoms. The amount of kids diagnosed with autism spectrum condition is increasing. It is not clear whether this’s because of better reporting and detection or an actual increase in the amount of cases, or both maybe. While there isn’t any treatment for autism spectrum condition, severe, early cure is able to create a big change in the lives of lots of children.

What Are The Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder ?

Autism spectrum condition influences how a child observes and mixes with people, initiating difficulties in critical areas of growth; behavior, social interaction and communication.

A number of children illustrate the symptoms of Autism spectrum in early phase. Some children possibly will develop for initial months, however then unexpectedly turn out to be aggressive or withdrawn or lose skills of language they have already learnt.

  • Not able to reply to her or his name or looks not to hear you sometimes.
  • Resists holding and cuddling and appears to favor playing alone and live in to her and his world.
  • Don’t have good eye interaction and absences of facial expression.

What Causes Autism Spectrum Disorder ?

This particular disease has no single recognized cause. Assumed the difficulty of the condition, and the element that severity and symptoms differ, there’re possibly numerous causes. Both environment and genetics possibly will be the reason.

  • Genetic problems. Some different genetic factor looks to be intricate in autism spectrum disorder. For a number of children, ASD might be related with a genetic condition, for example, fragile X syndrome or Rett syndrome.
  • Environmental factors. Currently the researchers are discovering whether such features as viral infections, air pollutants or problems during pregnancy play a part in causing this disease.

How Autism Spectrum Disorder Is Treated ?

Following are the Treatment options of autism spectrum disorder:

  • Behavior and communication therapies. Numerous programs define the variety of social, behavioral and language problems related with autism spectrum disorder. Several programs emphasis on decreasing problem behaviors and training latest skills.
  • Educational therapies. Youngsters with autism spectrum disorder frequently react well to extremely structure educational packages. Positive programs usually contain a group of experts and various activities to progress communication or social skills, and behavior.
  • Family therapies. Parents and different members of family are able to learn how to interact and play with their children in techniques which manage problem behaviors, stimulate social communication skills, and show daily communication and living skills.

How Autism Spectrum Disorder Is Diagnosed ?

The health care provider of your child will search for signs of developing delays at daily checkups.

  • Notice your child and question how your child’s social connections, behavior and communication skills have progress and changed with passage of time.
  • Comprise different specialists in defining a diagnosis.
  • Offer your child tests covering language, developmental level, speech, and behavioral and social issues.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Autism Spectrum Disorder ?

ASD have an impact on children of all nationalities and races, however some factors enhances a risk of child. Following are the risk factors of autism spectrum disorder:

  • Your child’s sex. Males are almost four times more expected to grow autism spectrum disorder as compared to girls.
  • Other disorders. Children with some medical disorders have a greater than ordinary possibility of ASD-like symptoms or ASD.


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