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A skin-friendly technique

A part of your regimen for maintaining your skin may include shaving off hair like shaving even if not as part of your regular routine. However, it is helpful to know the most shaving technique that is skin-friendly. If you feel that it is necessary to exfoliate the skin, apply shaving cream, gel or foam on the parts of your body where you would like to shave. The NIVEA Shaving Gel for Body Shaving Gel is among our most sought-after products to shave your body hair. The warm water of the shower will soften the hair of your body to make shaving simpler.

After the shaving gel has been applied, be sure to cut in the correct direction to achieve the desired shave as well as the body part. The opposite direction can result in a more precise shave however, shaving in the more sensitive areas; it can cause irritation or ingrown hairs, as well as razor burn. For more tips about how to prevent razor rash and get shaving more comfortably take a look at our guide for how to eliminate shaving rash.

Spray skin cares with a moisturizing cream

The skin is the body’s first and most important barrier to protect us. It helps us to stay safe from illnesses and infections. Everyday, our skin is exposed to elements that could result in dryness, break and be damaged. This is why moisturizing is crucial to ensure that our skin’s defenses are in the best possible condition. Exfoliating and shaving both can cause the skin to dry out, so it is crucial to moisturise following either of these processes.

After exfoliating your skin with a thorough body scrub (and perhaps shaving) the skin of your body will be well cleaned of dirt and/or cellulite that have accumulated. Your next stage in the regimen for skin care is to moisturize. This can be done in the shower using the use of a moisturizing shower gel or using an old-fashioned body cream following a shower (or both! ) It is the latter that is the most popular, but it is not necessarily better but it’s more practical!

When you’re moisturising your skin during the bath, try for shower gels that are specifically designed to moisturize. NIVEA has a wide selection of products specifically designed to moisturize your skin in the shower. One of our favourites can be NIVEA Rich Moisture Creme Caring Shower Creme however there are plenty of options with a wide range of scents.

Traditional body creams

After showering the traditional body creams can be applied to hydrate your face throughout the day, or immediately after showering if you’ve not yet done this for nourishing your face. Apply a moisturising cream on your body, gently working the cream into your pores throughout the process, giving the cream to soak sage green nail polish in prior to getting dressed. NIVEA offers a wide range of body creams that moisturize to suit all kinds of skin types. To determine which one is best for you, check out our article on selecting the best moisturiser to suit what type of skin. If you have dry skin, check out our post on the treatment options for it to incorporate this into your skincare routine.

Secure your skin

A majority of your regimen for skin care will likely occur around shower time. During this time, you’ll wash remove, exfoliate, shave and moisturize. But it’s essential to be aware of the things that can damage your skin.”

It’s about time to apply the same passion we feel in our face-care routines that are multi-step to the way we treat our bodies. The best products for body care hydrate smooth, soften, and soothe the skin that we tend to ignore. From dry nails to brittle nails elbows, flaky knees, and flaky elbows our bodies are to be in need of a bit more TLC. The top body care products listed below cater to your individual skin care needs, from nourishment creams for your body to cuticle care products that soothe. You’ll be filling your cart in no time using these 2021 Healthy Beauty Award winners.

What to look out for when selecting products for your body?

To judge this season’s Healthy Beauty Awards, we went to our dermatologists of choice and 65 home-based testers, who polished, moisturized, waxed, and tanned their way to find the very most effective body care.

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