A Low Calorie Diet Plan for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Low Calorie Meal Plans

A lot of low CALORIE DIET PLANS have flooded dieters’ consciousness, promising the same ‘old weight loss miracles with small effort. Jaded dieters who have looked into and tried these diets found that they have right about the same ingredients: a promise of losing weight fast by letting the dieter eat as the fewest calories probable with stringent rules on what and what not to eat. What is missing in these uniform plans is the personal touch that can make or break a Diet Plan.

This is the most intelligent way of cutting down weight. So set your goal to lose weight and stand by your plan with determination. Instead of incessant devouring, get ready your diet for a low calorie diet plan right at your home.

Healthy Low Calorie Meal Plans

Healthy calorie diets are balanced and include food from all the different foods groups. While other unhealthy diets can have foods from only one or limited food groups. A healthy low calorie diet’s foods are ready the healthy way, to keep healthy foods healthy.

500 Calorie Diet Plan

The 500 Calorie Diet Plan also can lead to gallstones and gout. Thanks to the imbalance of bile salts and cholesterol, gallstone formation is the most common severe side effect of a low calorie diet. Gout can appear with a change in uric acid levels.

Some dieters who keep getting on and off The 500 Calorie Diet Plan also can grow eating disorders because they discover it not easy to return to normal eating habits. So the onslaught of bulimia and anorexia nervosa can be included among the negatives related to low calorie intake.

Those who flat out should not even Consider The 500 Calorie Diet Plan, according to doctors, are pregnant or lactating women, those over 50, kids, and people with conditions for example cardiovascular disease or kidney dysfunction.


  • As we all know that we must have to start our day with healthy and heavy breakfast, but in a 500 calorie Diet Plans you cannot do this. When you are working on this diet plan then different decaffeinated teas like green tea, chamomile and red clover are rather helpful to achieve this aim.


  • No breads, brown rice or tortillas for lunch! You can only take a bowl of soup which is made up of some green leafy vegetables. It is essential to include only vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Squash, yam, broccoli, cabbage, chickpeas and peas are the great vegetables for the lunch menu of 500 calorie diet.


  • For your dinner you can follow the same menu. All and every 500 calorie diet recipe ready from the oil that does not have any type of saturated fatty acids. You should take some soups which are made from the black beans, pulses and zucchini, during dinner. Seafood like sardines, salmon, or tuna and baked vegetables are as well good for the dinner, because these zero calorie foods have the ability to satisfy your hunger.

1000 Calorie Diet Plan

With a 1000 calorie vegetarian diet it is extremely easy to control the calories, as fruit and vegetables are very low in calories. It is also one of the 1000 calorie diets that give you a nutrient and vitamin boost, thanks to all the fresh fruit and veggies. When you go on such a diet, it is important that you still get a source of fat free protein in.


  • You want to eat 300 calories here! This will be one of your biggest meals because it raises your metabolism early in the day to help even fatter burning. Oatmeal is full of fiber and really makes you feel full because of its abundance of fiber.


Eat approximately 300 calories here also. You should prefer a lean meat that around 120-150 calories like a piece of Salmon or lean chicken. Now add some green beans and another fruit. This should set you right at 300 calories.

Mid Afternoon

  • So you already have eaten 600 of the 1000 calorie diet plan calories allowed. This meal you want to eat around 200 calories. I suggest a good decent sized sandwich for this meal because you need some carbs in your diet like bread.


  • I suggest you keep your dinner around 200-300 calories. Don’t worry about how late you eat as long as it’s not past 9 pm at night. Eating a small meal late can actually help to increase your metabolism before bedtime. But you should eat something in the range of 200-300 calories here for example a low calorie frozen diet meal.

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

  • Any 1200 calorie diet plan can offer success to women who utilize it, provided they do it in the right way and keep away from some of the mistakes that can lead to dangerous results.


  • 1/2 cup of plain yogurt I recommend “Greek” yogurt, which is heavy in protein, 6 small strawberries, 1/2 of a banana.

Mid-Morning Snack

  • 1 apple with a single spoonful of low-calorie peanut butter, or, just about 10 almonds (unsalted).


  • 4 ounces of lean fish or chicken, grilled (skinless), 4 ounces of mixed vegetables (steamed), 1 cup of small carrots.

Afternoon Snack

  • 1 banana or 1 peach


  • 4 ounces of lean pork plain, 8 grilled asparagus stalks, 1/2 cup of brown rice.

You can mix and match other food items within this group by making sure the calories are close, and wherever probable I recommend you stick to protein and natural vegetable combinations for meals (this produces a fantastic fat-burning effect).

Even though the Calorie Diet Plan and Weight Loss Diet Plan has been the subject of much criticism, it is commonly becoming a well-liked solution to the weight loss needs of people from all over, particularly when other methods have failed. The Diet Plan is based on the principle that certain foods require more energy to digest than the number of calories the food actually takes.

By : Natural Health News

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