7 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Every person has a body. But in lots of ways, it’s your body image your own personal opinion of how your body looks that determines your Well-being.

For example, research from the University of California–Santa Barbara suggests that poor body image is harmful to both mental and physical health. And in one Journal of Health Psychology study of 100 college-age women, researchers found that the more unhappy women were with their bodies, the less likely they were to work out. Poor body image is a problem that numerous of us struggle with. It does not problem how many articles we just read that tell us it’s what’s on the inside that counts; standing in front of a harshly-lit varying room mirror can make us feel defeated.

Switch up Your Exercise Goal

There’s no end to the benefits of exercise and, if you focus on the accurate benefits, an improved body image can be one of them. In fact, according to a 2014 study published in Body Image, females who exercise to reduce stress or feel better enjoy greater improvements in their body image compared to those who exercise mostly for look reasons.

Avoid Offending Media

What we read and watch has a biggest impact on how we feel about ourselves. Because of this, I am extremely particular about the magazines and websites I will look at. Fashion, gossip media and Hot News are right out. I avoid TV programs that are obviously image-focused. I try to avoid ads. Any shows I do watch are online and I have installed an ad-blocker.

Consciously look for Media that Reinforces helpful Self-Image

I drop towards travel, wellness and industrial media and magazines. I love reading about the interesting things that people and females in particular, achieve.

Enclose Yourself with Positive People

It is easier to feel right about yourself and your body when you are around others who are helpful and who know the importance of love yourself just as you naturally are.

Appreciate All That Your Body Can Do

Every day your body carries you closer to your dreams.  Celebrate all of the wonderful things your body does for you running, breathing, dancing, laughing, dreaming, etc.

Remind Yourself that Exact Beauty is Not Just Skin Deep

When you feel good about yourself and who you’re, you take yourself with a sense of self-confidence, self-acceptance, and honesty that makes you beautiful regardless of whether you physically look like a supermodel.  Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of your body.

Use the Time and Energy

Use the time and energy that you might have spent worrying about food, calories, and your weight to do something to help others.  Sometimes reaching out to more people can help you feel better about yourself and can make a positive change in our world.
Building self-confidence in yourself and in your body is the base to achieving what you really want out of life and letting go of all the unnecessary worries of vanity. Learning to love yourself for what you’re is not an easy thing to do, but its value it.

By : Natural Health News

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