Plow Pose, Variation

Plow Pose, Variation

Sanskrit Name: Halasana

Good for: Backache, headache, brain, insomnia, abdominal organs


  •     Calms down the brain
  •     Fuels the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland
  •     Provides stretch and elasticity to the shoulders and spine
  •     Helps alleviate the symptoms of menopause
  •     Condenses stress and fatigue
  •     Beneficial for backache, headache, infertility, insomnia, sinusitis

Plow Pose, Variation








  •     From SalambaSarvangasana, exhale and bend from the hip joints to slowly lower your toes to the floor above and beyond your head
  •     Keep your torso perpendicular to the floor and your legs fully extended
  •     With your toes on the floor, lift your top thighs and tailbone towards the ceiling
  •     Draw your inner groins deep into the pelvis
  •     Imagine that your torso is hanging from the height of your groins
  •     Continue to draw your chin away from your sternum and soften your throat
  •     Continue to press your hands against the back torso, pushing the back up toward the ceiling as you press the backs of the upper arms down, onto your support
  •     You can release your hands away from your back and stretch the arms out behind you on the floor, opposite the legs
  •     Clasp the hands and press the arms actively down on the support as you lift the thighs toward the ceiling
  •     To exit the pose bring your hands onto your back again
  •     Lift back into Sarvangasana with an exhalation
  •     Roll down onto your back
  •     Simply roll out of the pose on an exhalation
    “Halasana is usually performed after Sarvangasana for anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.”

Good to know    

  •     Avoid doing this pose if you have diarrhea
  •     Do not attempt this pose during your periods
  •     Do not attempt if you have neck injury
  •     It is not advised to attempt this pose if you have asthma or high blood pressure
  •     If you are pregnant and you are a beginner in this pose than strictly not attempt it
  •     With the feet on the floor, this pose is considered to be intermediate to advanced
  •     It is not sensible to perform the pose in this way without adequateerstwhileskill or lest you have the directions of a skilled instructor.

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